Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shame On You, Former Romanian Envoy To Singapore

The court proceeding against Silviu Ionescu, former Romanian envoy to Singapore is still ongoing and while our legal system does not pre-judge a person as guilty until final judgment is made but I can't help sentencing him 'guilty & very guilty a zillion times over'.

The behaviour of this Romanian diplomat in the fatal car accident late last year who was supposed to carry the good name of his country in his discharge of his diplomatic duty in Singapore has dealt a big blow to his country international image. Shame on you, Silviu will live a life of regret forever.

More than 50 witnesses have been lined up to give their own account in court, all fired up by this arrogant diplomat's blatant denial that he was the person behind the wheel on that fateful morning who, instead accused the Singapore government for setting him up. In his desperate attempt, he was trying to inject some political sentiments to his advantage but only fools & traitors like Gopalan Nair (a notorius dissident of Singapore) will come to his 'rescue' to satisfy their own personal agenda/vendetta. You chose to be absent, cooping up in your own country citing health as the chief reason. All 5 million people in Singapore except for one Gopalan Nair are extremely disgusted with you as this fatal road accident is so widely covered here. You had enjoyed diplomatic immunity, took full advantage of it and now, talking big in your own country. You feared you will be too sick to take the journey to fight the case here but really, I hope you will die from your own guilt before you can even set foot here. A party animal like you who downed alcohol like water, enjoying the good life as a diplomat but behaved like a hardened criminal knowing jolly well, you are protected by this crappy diplomatic immunity bestowed upon you. Your blatant disregard for other people's lives, killing one and injuring two others on that fateful morning after a wild party should have condemned you to gallows and yet, this diplomatic immunity craps just saved you by your skin. If your claim that you are too sick now is indeed true, I hope you, the fat pig...will die in your homeland before the court verdict is reached.

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