Saturday, August 30, 2008

Small Nation With Big Dream!

In his National Rally speech touching briefly on the Olympics, PM Lee mentioned that the large population of China is about 300 times of us and theoretically speaking, it would take China to win 300 medals before Singapore has a chance for just one precious medal of any colour or type. Notwithstanding in the last Beijing Olympics, it's all thanks to the foreign talents, the likes of Li Jia Wei & company that enabled us to win the elusive silver medal in the women's table tennis team event after 48 years waiting never mind the fiascos within the fratenity. Ours is a small country, some 3 million are true bred Singaporeans to be exact. Do we have to wait for another 48 years to win an Olympics medal? And hopefully this time, by a Singapore-born Singaporean.

The king of sprinter of all times, Bolt hailed from Jamaica, which has a population base smaller than us, 2.5 million to be exact. Bolt broke the 100 metre & 200 metre records in astonishing time and above that, the Jamaican women's team, came in 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the 100 metre. Jamaica is one, Croatia and New Zealand with lesser population base than us have produced world beaters too.

Save for sports, we have had achieved many firsts on the economic frontier since independence. Dare to dream big, Singapore and even without foreign talents, we will one day achieve success in the sporting arena of the world! I am rooting for our country to continue to work hard, if not much harder to win more Olympics medals. Nothing is impossible for impossible is nothing!


Anonymous said...

Hei Collin, read your take on DrM,you are one reason of many that I am proud to be a Singaporean..they still dont get it huh?

I am a Singaporean Malay bro. Thanks for the higt on that senile old man.

I too gave him some.. but he seem to block some of my rebuttal to this JJJ person..who claim to be a SG.

Collin Ng said...

Hi Anonymous

Admittedly, I do gain some of his valued insights and short of being his fan, I do enjoy reading most of his articles. The problem with him is that he still harbours anti-Singapore feeling even after his departure as PM of Malaysia and he will not skip an opportunity to single out the sorry plight of Singapore Malays, something he had blown out of proportion. Malaysia (now) is certainly more democratic than Singapore, however some of their 'hardcore politicans' seemed to enjoy using sensitive racial issues for personal politicial mileage and that is definitely dangerous. Yes, we cannot afford to play along this line in Singapore and I am certainly proud that we have held steady despite the political turmoil in our region. One people, one nation, one Singapore...cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was blocked too..
same guy..JJJ.

Nah...he claimed to be related to me...just bcos my paternal family was from Johor. He wish!!!

My family sweat it out here in SG.Well we didnt bcome rich or anything..but we are thankful for the peace and opportunity.

Wish I cld spam that JJJ.

Honestly, democracy is rather subjective.. but I believe we will get there.. maybe not in my lifetime, but hopefully in my children..

Cheers Bro..
May the F1 make me richer.. ;)

"Anak Melayu Singapura" - Singapore's Malay Son

Collin Ng said...

Ya, Anonymous...Singapore should not be governed like Malaysia for we don't have the GOD given rich natural resources like theirs to fall back on and we should endeavour to make further progress to compete with the world, not Malaysia only. Cheers!