Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trip To Pulau Caras Village

Led by our doctor, Dr Melati who has managed to garner volunteers in Batam and some of our colleagues from Singapore to visit this orphanage located in an island in Barelang (southern tip of Batam) on 16 Nov, Sunday. An hour bumpy boat ride is needed to reach their destination.

This is an initiative by the staff of Batam View in their personal capacity and when words were spread around, many of our colleagues in Singapore willingly chipped in generously. They have managed to raise S$1,050 which were used to purchase necessities for these kids.

Special thanks should go to Dr Melati for initiating this charity drive, Mag & Era for volunteering their time to tend to these kids, Chooi Nee for her untiring effort in getting the donations from our colleagues (her sweet smile did the trick though, on the guys) and all the unsung heroes shown in the pictures.

Charity begins at home and it is really heartening our little efforts have given hopes to these underprivileged kids. We hope we can do more as they deserve a chance to be loved too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Political Ambition of Tan Kin Lian Is Clear Now

With the recent High Notes saga still not completely over yet, the unofficial ‘spokesperson’ for the affected High Notes investors at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park has finally revealed his political ambition in today’s Sunday Times and quite frankly, I am not the least surprised at all.

I am no savvy investor or the ignorant one but the economic instability especially the abrupt collapse of Lehman Brothers did make me pay a little more attention to the saga. Prior to that, the name Tan Kin Lian was complete alien to me though he was once the CEO of government-owned NTUC Income and his meteoric rise in recent times, did raise an eyebrow or two. Had Tan not readily volunteered his 'voice' to the aggrieved investors in this tumultuous period, will our MAS not act to protect the interest of these investors? I believe MAS, as a responsible authority will still act to protect the genuinely affected investors, with or without Tan's timely intervention.

I was sharing a casual lunch time conversation with my colleagues recently and out of curiosity, probed the real motive of this kind soul, Tan Kin Lian who had offered help/counseling to the aggrieved investors voluntarily and after some ‘high-powered’ discussion among ourselves, I did conclude then, with suspicious mind though (admittedly) that this man must be aiming for something beyond this saga; a political ambition. Spot on, I am right with my prediction of him this time(have never been making many right predictions in most of my adult life) but at the same time, wrong for he had publicly announced he is keen to be the President, the highest office of our land and not as Member of Parliament – many levels up, man!

Why I viewed him with suspicions? Well, he was once the high flyer himself with NTUC Income then, left the office (did he resign or what, I wonder?) and now started to lend his voice when the Lehman boo-boo erupted. From reading the Sunday Times today, I understand he was once the PAP’s stalwart, was actively involved in grassroots’ activities but he seems to sing a different tune now. Not one glove but two gloves seemed to be out now.

Riding on his new found fame, he now said that he needs to see 100,000 signatures endorsing him as the next Presidential candidate before making a final decision, President or not. Prior to this, had a decision been long made already? Only he can answer it himself.

Mr Tan, with no disrespect to you but until I have fully convinced myself that you are the selected one for the highest office of the land in the coming future, that one vote from me is still not forthcoming. My apology, I can’t help viewing you with suspicion of sorts and while there’s plenty of time to the next election, please prove me wrong.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nair, Hero or Simply Stupid?

I don't know know this person, Gopalan Nair personally but I detest enough to pen my thought of him on my blog. In recent times, he has been making wave here, one after another since he had openly challenged our judiciary in his 'protected' & deemed to be safe capacity as a second class American citizen. He felt injustice of sorts inflicted on the infamous Chees siblings' recent court tussel here, therefore decided to play hero the way he thinks any American will do. And by the way, he was a former Singaporean who was educated in the world-renowned, Raffles Institution and under our rigid education system, he became a lawyer (no thanks though). But having failed to secure a seat in parliament in as many tries under Workers Party's banner then (a great relief to us), he reckoned he is better off holding Uncle Sam's passport.

Challenged he did, so openly on his blog and even announcing his hotel room number just to make sure our ever efficient police could find him quick enough to press charges against him for all the slanderous statements made publicly, not one time, not two times but many times over. Perhaps, he thought his government, the big brother of the world (they are more concerned with global economic issues than paying 2-hood to this dude) would step in in event he is 'wrongly' sentenced for his 'heroic' act; for democratic cause; for freedom cause or more so; the Chee Soon Juan's cause. Fat hope lor, all that I can say now.

He is now made to eat humble pie now that he has to make an unreserved apology for the offending statments on our judiciary and our judges. I just wonder, as a seasoned lawyer he is, how stupid can he be to challenge our courts without basis and then, retracted all back.

I feel I should do my small part to have his picture shown on my blog to tell my friends that there is such a stupid creature, highly educated but utterly stupid still around in this world.

Nair, our Changi Prison does not have the same comfort or luxury as the one you used to patronise in the U.S. and further, it is a waste of our taxpayers' money to feed another foreigner (ex Singaporean) like you. Go home, join Republican and fight Democrat or vice-versa, just be a good American...that's all I am asking you now.

My New Hairdos

My friend who is neither a hairstylist nor barber, concern perhaps has taken the trouble to create some new hair-dos for me and if my crowning glory still allowed, I would go for my 1968 style. However, after so many years, I should maintain status quo...sigh!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nongsa Cup - 2 to 3 Nov 2008

The Nongsa Cup is an annual affair and it is the initiative of Batam View Beach Resort, Turi Beach, Palm Springs Golf and Tering Bay Golf incepted in year 2006.

This year Nongsa Cup had received tremendous response, only 144 golfers were accepted and many were politely rejected. We have had more sponsors for this year than the previous years, recession or not. Some 90 prizes to be given away as lucky draw, most golfers walked away with at least one prize.

Golfers played two rounds of 18-hole games @ Palm Spring and Tering Bay and accommodated @ Batam View or Turi Beach.

Nongsa Cup is the golf event of each calendar year now.

Three cheers to the organising committee for the great job...hip hip hip, hooray x 3!