Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nongsa Cup - 2 to 3 Nov 2008

The Nongsa Cup is an annual affair and it is the initiative of Batam View Beach Resort, Turi Beach, Palm Springs Golf and Tering Bay Golf incepted in year 2006.

This year Nongsa Cup had received tremendous response, only 144 golfers were accepted and many were politely rejected. We have had more sponsors for this year than the previous years, recession or not. Some 90 prizes to be given away as lucky draw, most golfers walked away with at least one prize.

Golfers played two rounds of 18-hole games @ Palm Spring and Tering Bay and accommodated @ Batam View or Turi Beach.

Nongsa Cup is the golf event of each calendar year now.

Three cheers to the organising committee for the great job...hip hip hip, hooray x 3!

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