Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trip To Pulau Caras Village

Led by our doctor, Dr Melati who has managed to garner volunteers in Batam and some of our colleagues from Singapore to visit this orphanage located in an island in Barelang (southern tip of Batam) on 16 Nov, Sunday. An hour bumpy boat ride is needed to reach their destination.

This is an initiative by the staff of Batam View in their personal capacity and when words were spread around, many of our colleagues in Singapore willingly chipped in generously. They have managed to raise S$1,050 which were used to purchase necessities for these kids.

Special thanks should go to Dr Melati for initiating this charity drive, Mag & Era for volunteering their time to tend to these kids, Chooi Nee for her untiring effort in getting the donations from our colleagues (her sweet smile did the trick though, on the guys) and all the unsung heroes shown in the pictures.

Charity begins at home and it is really heartening our little efforts have given hopes to these underprivileged kids. We hope we can do more as they deserve a chance to be loved too.

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