Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nair, Hero or Simply Stupid?

I don't know know this person, Gopalan Nair personally but I detest enough to pen my thought of him on my blog. In recent times, he has been making wave here, one after another since he had openly challenged our judiciary in his 'protected' & deemed to be safe capacity as a second class American citizen. He felt injustice of sorts inflicted on the infamous Chees siblings' recent court tussel here, therefore decided to play hero the way he thinks any American will do. And by the way, he was a former Singaporean who was educated in the world-renowned, Raffles Institution and under our rigid education system, he became a lawyer (no thanks though). But having failed to secure a seat in parliament in as many tries under Workers Party's banner then (a great relief to us), he reckoned he is better off holding Uncle Sam's passport.

Challenged he did, so openly on his blog and even announcing his hotel room number just to make sure our ever efficient police could find him quick enough to press charges against him for all the slanderous statements made publicly, not one time, not two times but many times over. Perhaps, he thought his government, the big brother of the world (they are more concerned with global economic issues than paying 2-hood to this dude) would step in in event he is 'wrongly' sentenced for his 'heroic' act; for democratic cause; for freedom cause or more so; the Chee Soon Juan's cause. Fat hope lor, all that I can say now.

He is now made to eat humble pie now that he has to make an unreserved apology for the offending statments on our judiciary and our judges. I just wonder, as a seasoned lawyer he is, how stupid can he be to challenge our courts without basis and then, retracted all back.

I feel I should do my small part to have his picture shown on my blog to tell my friends that there is such a stupid creature, highly educated but utterly stupid still around in this world.

Nair, our Changi Prison does not have the same comfort or luxury as the one you used to patronise in the U.S. and further, it is a waste of our taxpayers' money to feed another foreigner (ex Singaporean) like you. Go home, join Republican and fight Democrat or vice-versa, just be a good American...that's all I am asking you now.


subash pillai said...

Collin Ng, you sound like a biggot expousing hatred because you 'detest enough' to pen your thoughts.

If you had more in you and your blog instead of the present mundane rumblings of life, you would be doing more for your country than belittling someone that is already down and out.

Sigapore doesn't need Nair, and certainly doesn't need people like you either.

Grow up Collin, you're 46 and counting.

Collin Ng said...


Thanks for taking your time to give your 2-ct worth, though it is in support of Nair but that won't give me no reason not to publish your comment.

First thing first, I am a Singaporean, I will never give up my citizenship for another country and like you (if you are a Singaporean too), our country needs us if there's a call to speak up for our country. However, Singapore certainly doesn't need Gopalan Nair who switched camp when chips were down to meddle with our affairs.

Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, rightly or wrongly and I welcome your comment.

Asking me to grow up, I have to say that is not possible coz I can only grow old now that I am already 46. However, in the case of Nair...yes, he certainly needs to 'grow up' for all the boo-boo he has inflicted upon himself and blame no one except himself now that he is facing the music.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Linda N. said...

LOL collin, that was quite a funny piece! I was literally laughing out loud when I read it. Good entertainment to start my day :)