Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blood Donation

Today (Sunday) I planned to have it easy with my weekend routine, mopping & cleaning the house and ironing my laundry. While I was reading my Sunday Times, Hwee smsed saying blood bank is running low on blood supply due to World Cup fever and asked whether I wanted to donate my blood. I thought she said to donate on coming Wednesday but no, she was actually on the train to do her once-and-only weekend work-out at Novena and she changed her mind to donate blood instead.

I agreed to join her and arranged to pick her up at Novena Square. We arrived at Blood Bank in Outram around 1030 hrs and there were already many people waiting to donate their blood. We did our registration, given the forms to fill up and waited to be called up by doctor. The registration staff said my last donation was way back in 1999 and the record still showed my old place at Hougang. She updated my record and gave a donor card for future visit.

Gosh, it was that long that I last pledged my precious blood. I vividly remember sometime in 2001 or 2002, I was giving my blood platelete then responding to one sms request from a mother whose child was in urgent need for type B blood platelete. When I reached the ward, I was informed by the nurse that the child has passed away for quite some time but the mother simply could not get over the fact, continued to send out smses. Anyway, I decided to do the platelete donation and I did it on few occasions.

Though there were many people at the blood bank, being a typical Sunday but we did not have to wait very long for our turn. I went in first, directed to an empty seat by a nurse and Hwee followed less than 5 minutes later. We were directly opposite each other. A nurse came over to me, asked which side I wanted to draw out my blood and I pointed my right arm. While wrapping my right arm, she said I have big muscles (of course lah, all the gym workouts should count something, right?) but I sheepishly replied, "No lah, just fats." Hwee took a quick smile and then, she said, "Let's see who'll finish first." to which I replied, "Want bet?". Our bet was for lunch only.

I didn't even have time to really settle down and the signal flashed indicating I am done. The timer showed 4 mins 22 seconds. Hwee was still not done yet as she started a little later than me. Moments later, her signal flashed and her time was 4 mins 29 seconds. She lost by 7 seconds, what a close call. None of us talked about the lunch bet and happily we strolled to the cafeteria for light refreshment. The last time, I remember I was given a cup of milo and some biscuits but this time, we were spoilt for choice. We can have egg tart, bread or pau and green bean soup to go with our cuppa.

After our blood donation, I dropped her home first before heading back to do my household chores.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr Mahathir Barking Up The Wrong Tree Again

It is disheartening to learn that still revered Dr Mahathir taking another swipe at Malay Singaporeans in his sinister attempt to rev up racial sentiments in his own country. Tun, what is so wrong for Singapore to adopt meritocracy for all races? By the same breadth, what is so right that his bumi-policies did benefit just one race at the expense of rest of the races in his own beloved Malaysia? Just because Chinese is the majority race in Singapore, the minority has to 'kow-tow' to the majority, so claimed by him.

If he is admitting that the position of the Malays in Malaysia is in deep crisis and precarious, does he need to draw comparison to the Malays in Singapore to strike a salient point. For once, why can't he admit that his failed bumi-policies only benefit a privileged few; those who have initimate connections to the ruling party and thus, largely neglected the majority of the Malays in Malaysia? And just because Singapore does not have such lop-sided bumi-policies for her own Malay race, our Malays have to resort to 'kow-towing'? What craps, Dr M...are you out of your mind or what? Your failed policies have nothing to do with the Malays in Singapore. The Malays here study and work as hard as the Chinese, the Indians and other races and they compete fairly to give themselves a better life here, period. They certainly need no 'spoon-feeding' from our government to have a headstart, merit is the order of the day that applies to all Singaporeans.

I have no doubt to believe he is genuinely concerned for his own race in his own country and he has certainly contributed alot as the 4th PM of Malaysia. However downplaying Singapore which has nothing to do with his own failed bumi-polices is certainly uncalled for. Tun, please keep your own backyard clean, just mind your own business and shut up, will you?