Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr Mahathir Barking Up The Wrong Tree Again

It is disheartening to learn that still revered Dr Mahathir taking another swipe at Malay Singaporeans in his sinister attempt to rev up racial sentiments in his own country. Tun, what is so wrong for Singapore to adopt meritocracy for all races? By the same breadth, what is so right that his bumi-policies did benefit just one race at the expense of rest of the races in his own beloved Malaysia? Just because Chinese is the majority race in Singapore, the minority has to 'kow-tow' to the majority, so claimed by him.

If he is admitting that the position of the Malays in Malaysia is in deep crisis and precarious, does he need to draw comparison to the Malays in Singapore to strike a salient point. For once, why can't he admit that his failed bumi-policies only benefit a privileged few; those who have initimate connections to the ruling party and thus, largely neglected the majority of the Malays in Malaysia? And just because Singapore does not have such lop-sided bumi-policies for her own Malay race, our Malays have to resort to 'kow-towing'? What craps, Dr M...are you out of your mind or what? Your failed policies have nothing to do with the Malays in Singapore. The Malays here study and work as hard as the Chinese, the Indians and other races and they compete fairly to give themselves a better life here, period. They certainly need no 'spoon-feeding' from our government to have a headstart, merit is the order of the day that applies to all Singaporeans.

I have no doubt to believe he is genuinely concerned for his own race in his own country and he has certainly contributed alot as the 4th PM of Malaysia. However downplaying Singapore which has nothing to do with his own failed bumi-polices is certainly uncalled for. Tun, please keep your own backyard clean, just mind your own business and shut up, will you?

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