Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Bollywood Nite @ BRF

Unveiling the two contestants vying for the coveted Ms Bollywood of BRF title, wonder who's the winner?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Birthday Celebration With 2 Babes

It was my 46th birthday on 12 Feb lah. It was so nice of Sabrina and Mandy, my two favourite babes to buy me dinner @ Crystal Jade on my birthday. Rare chance to have two hot babes to celeberate birthday with an old man, how not to miss out man! Anway, thanks alot to the two of them and I'll never forget this special moment.

Me and the cake and that little candle.

That's Mandy. Come to think of it, are we compatible or not? Hmm...

That sweet little thing is Sabrina in her new hairdo but I still prefer her with long hair though. By the way, it's my own opinion hor but it's Jeremy's opinion that matters most lah.

The King and his ahem....No.1 & No.2, well in my dream lor!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Company Christmas Party

This is my A-team from New Century Tours & Batam View Sales at the last company's Christmas Party. It's me in the centre, save for the hair the chap in white with the peace sign. The one on my right is Irene Tan, sexy right? She's still available if any guy is keen to know her more. On my left is Pak Jani, think I'm 1 mm taller than him but he's abit better looking than me (on picture only). In the front row, it's Charlotte on the far left. Quiet by nature but she is already taken liao, sorry guys! Har, next to her is Penny. Meticulous to a fault, I can always rely on her to handle any task without sweat. On the far right, some say she looks like an actress from Hongkong (sorry, can't remember the name of that actress - not the popular one) and her name is Gloria. Ya, next to her is the mama of the group. Young at heart and the live-wire, it's Magdalene who, sometimes speaks with an Aussie twang.