Monday, March 01, 2010

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Friends, be they old friends or just-got-to-know friends I used to know plenty but only a handful of true friends I do appreciate and treasure much nowadays. Suffice to say, friendship is not measured based on one's wealth or social status. In my opinion, this kind of friendship is best classified as 'drink & feast friends' (酒肉朋友) who will swarm around you like bees when you have plenty cash to flush but nowhere to be seen when you are down on your luck.

True friends stand behind distressed friends who need help of sorts and help needs not have to be in the form of financial help, a listening ear from a concerned friend is all that matters most.

I know this special old friend of mine has been saddled with personal problems for a long while and I dearly wish to offer my help in whatever way, a listening ear even though I may not be able to help much in resolving her personal issues. I feel sad that I cannot be there for her when she is really feeling down of late and for reasons known to her only, she is not confiding to me as much as I would like to hear her out. our long friendship not close enough for her to share her problems or at the very least, a listening ear from me? I just want her to know, behind her stand some of her true friends who are concerned of her well being and I certainly hope to be one of her true friends in time of her need.

I am in a dilemma too, I do not know how to help when she does not share her problems with me and I do not want to be seen barging in without her consent, only to invite her irks. Damn if I do, damn if I don't - that sums up my feeling.

Nonetheless, I hope she will not buckle under any undue pressure but to tackle any issue that comes her strong and persevere till the end, my dear friend.

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