Thursday, June 04, 2009

Whatabout Marcus Chin (陈建彬)

I do know Marcus personally, though not close. We used to engage him to perform gigs onboard our vessel and resort for quite a while and whatever recent 'perceived bad publicity' of him covered by the press, it will never cross our mind not to engage him for future gigs with us solely based on moral ground, if at all.

Without a doubt, he is an almost complete artiste, can sing well, a good actor and a versatile host. He may not have attained the level of a superstar despite been in show business for umpteen years, he is nonetheless, a celebrity which, unfortunately is subjected to public scrutiny. Celebrity is still a human being just like anyone of us, he or she still needs to make a living the way he or she knows well. They may be married, divorced or single and for those who are married, they may have extra marital affair but what's the big fuss, really. The latest saga on Marcus, a married man being involved with his manager, a young lady in her 20s has been so widely covered in the Chinese press seemed to have 'pre-judged' him and his girlfriend as guilty of committing a grave crime. He had to explain his personal marriage which is on the rock in front of the TV audience, something I feel he owes nobody any explanation other than his own wife. If their marriage has hit a rock, it is all up to them to handle their own affair, period. This is a wake-up call to the media to leave him to handle his own affair, give him some breathing space. And to all his fans, support him as an artiste first and not to shun him based on his extra marital affair.

Marcus, please continue to give your all as an artiste and never be swayed by negative opinions of others. Cheers to you!


Anonymous said...

Collin although i dun know u but let me tell u something.If the needle never poke u .U will never know the pain. Imagine yourself as Matcus wife you know that u and your husband have been unfaithful to you but all along u having been keeping mum.Till now it all burst out will you still think that Marcus is the one who is most hurt . Let me tell u .U r wrong his wife is the one that is feeling most hurt.Marcus is a artiste he have the courage to admit it and say sorry then all guys will say he is brave for owning up his wife should forgive him and let him go . But fuck who really cares and think about what te wife feels deep in heart.Not because Marcus is rich now and able to give his 60% earnings to his wife means that he can do whatever he want and be unfaithful.

Collin Ng said...

Hi Anonymous

Hope you are reading my comment. I can understand your feeling standing from his wife's perspective and rightly so, his wife is one who should feel the hurt most. However, media was not doing neither party any favour by playing up the issue and that probably forced Marcus to seek clarification publicly. My stand still remains, this is their private matter and best for them to resolve amicably, not in public eye.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

best wishes for both of them, life is not just marry & divorce.....both move on and see better side of beautiful world.