Monday, June 01, 2009

Singapore Passion Run 2009

Organised by PASSION Card, this run was scheduled on 24 May, Sunday @ East Coast. Both Chua and I registered for the 15 km while Winnie took on the 10 km, her second 10 km run for this year so far.

By far, this was the longest run for me this year which was a litmus test of sorts before the two main events, the Army 21 km half-marathon in August and the mother of marathons, Standard Chartered 42 km marathon.

In our usual practise, at least twice weekly with Chua and Eddie, we are averaging some 10 km per run but admittedly, I was somewhat concerned for Winnie who did not have regular run since her last 10 km in March which she clocked creditable time.

Had arranged with Winnie to pick her up on the morning of 24 May at Fort Road where she parked her car at her sister's place while Chua made his own way to East Coast. After some miscue, I managed to find the carpark near the seafood centre where Chua was already waiting for us. A minute later, all the lots would be gone.

Near but not exactly, we had to walk around 1 km to the start line. It was about 0730 hrs, the run for those runners who had registered in the competitive category had already been flagged off. Chua and I registered in the non-competitive category which was to flag-off at 0745 hrs and Winnie's 10km category was scheduled at 0800 hrs. Did a quick de-tour to the toilet followed by some light warm-up and we then headed for the start line.

The flag-off was slightly delayed and we were finally flagged off at about 0750 or about I think. Chua was pacing me throughout, he could have out-paced me once he moved into high gear. The morning was getting hotter, the sun never seemed to be forgiving as the minute ticked away. I was wondering, boy those who participated in the 5 km and 10 km category will be flagged off past the 0800 hrs had to content with the morning hot sun. For the first 10 km, we did steady pace and along the way, past many runners.

In my usual fashion, I decided not to push to the limit under such weather but knowing my buddy, Chua too well, he wanted to push himself further. I asked Chua to go all out at the last 5 km stretch while I kept a slower pace. Opened up, he did and finally I lost sight of him in the front. It was getting hotter and hotter and despite, all the training I had, this run was one tough one man. I pushed on, keeping a slower pace to the finish. A cute finishing medal was given and cheekily, I asked the young lady who gave me the medal for her name so that I could post her name in my blog but now, I cannot recall her name already (sorry!).

After the run, it was another 1 km walk to the carpark and by then, Chua and Winnie were already waiting for me there, fresh and fully re-charged. Pity, Chua had to go back to work, can't join us for breakfast at our usual haunt...where else, Old Airport Road market lor.

After more than 1 week of waiting, the result is finally out. Winnie clocked 1 hr 11 mins plus for her 10 km event, not bad considering she did not have regular run of late, Chua clocked 1 hr 24 mins plus whereas, I clocked 1 hr 28 mins plus. My aim for the 21 km run in August is under 2 hours and going at this rate, it is still touch-and-go for me and I really need to step up more on longer distance in training now. For Chua, it was a breeze. Hey, not bad an effort for old fella like me and I should stay contented. Good effort, Chua and Winnie! But where was our Eddie, having cold feet?

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