Monday, June 15, 2009

Dr Mahatir, An Angry Man More Likely

Following MM Lee trip to Malaysia, Dr M in his usual fiery style, posted this article on his blog (refer to giving his die-hard supporters and not quite his supporter, me a short lesson on Middle Kingdom of ancient China then and the new Middle Kingdom of the modern era. In his short article, he was obviously taking a swipe at our shiny red dot, Singapore for as long as his nemesis, our dear MM Lee is still in government. As if he had not gibbered enough, he went on to hit the 5th PM of Malaysia, Pak Lah for acceding too much to Singapore during his tenure. He could have addressed the 5th PM by his name, instead chose to call him the 5th PM. This is certainly uncalled for. Tit-for-tat and with due respect to this 4th PM of Malaysia who by any measure, was a great PM Malaysia could have asked for, notwithstanding I cannot be faulted for returning the same 'swipe' to him by addressing him the 4th PM instead of respectfully addressing him, Tun or Dr Mahatir Mohamad.

A hungry man is an angry man, a popular idiom we hear so often. Hungry that he has not received supports from the greater masses to see the light of his teaching since his shock retirement from public office some 6 years ago and once deprived of that, he has gone overdrive by transforming into an angry man who shoots blank only.

4th PM of Malaysia, you must learn to manage your anger well. For this, you have to learn to take wise advice from your old peer, MM Lee who has certainly leapfrogged you in every department imaginable. He is not accorded the status of a elder statesman just because he is LKY; he is well regarded and respected by the leaders of big power nations for what red dot is today. Care to know why? This shiny red dot where I hail from is not perfect, for I recognise this red dot still have many flaws but we, as one people, one nation (the Chinese, Malays, Indians and other races coming together) can take comfort that it is constantly making changes to improve albeit slowly but surely. The two bigger dots, the East and the West you had once ruled enjoyed space abundant and are blessed with natural resources abundant, oil, timber, rubber and 'what have you' but economically, how far away are your two bigger dots from the small red dot? You have the answer for yourself, I don't have to elaborate further. I can only assume your hitting of our red dot could mean you are jealous of the many achievements red dot has earned, regionally and internationally, and if hitting below the belt could diffuse your anger till you re-ignite at your whims & fancies, please continue to do so.

4th PM of Malaysia, leave a legacy behind and not continue to make angry and baseless statements in your later years only to make a mockery of yourself. Despite all the swipes at you, I still regard you as one of the greatest & ablest leaders of the modern era second of course, to our dear LKY. For a 40 something year-old average Joe telling an 80 something year-old former great leader to grow up, I know it is too much asking for but do I have a choice, really? Please forgive me, Tun.

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