Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014

Group picture with the famous 'Cat woman' at the finishing

It was my third Yellow Ribbon Prison since its inception in 2009.  This Yellow Ribbon run will cap my last run for year 2014 and for the first time, I am not participating in Stanchart Marathon since 2007.  I did not have the chance to run for two weeks due to my busy schedule but did some step training though.  I was still hoping I could clock a good time and barring any foreseeable, I should prevail.

Picture with Jonathon, Shirley and their son at the flag-off  

The run was scheduled this morning near Changi Village and as usual, the finishing is in the prison compound.  The distance was 10 km.  I was to pace Winnie but she had stomach upset in the last few days, thus had to forgo as much as she would like to run.  I had arranged to meet up some members of Aranda Country Club the likes of Peter Yeo, Simon, Poh Kuan and Richard Foo (the latter was doing 6 km) at the club and our buddy, Steve Wong who was not running will send us to the flag off point.  We left the club at about 0615 hrs and it was still dark when we arrived at Changi Village.  We then settled down at a coffee shop.  I heard Jonathon from my Painkillers cycling group shouted at me from a distance.  He was running with his lovely wife Shirley and 16-year old son.  We even took picture at the start point.  I even ran into Brenda and Kessler (Kevin Soh's brother) at the start point - what a coincidence.

When we walked to the start point, it was almost 0745 hrs.  I did not get to see Peter and the rest who had moved way in front and very soon, the horn sounded.  Richard flagged off together with rest in the 10 km wave.  There were more than 9,000 runners in 6 km and 10 km category.  The first km was choked-a-block with human traffic and I decided to follow some by running on the pavement to avoid running into those in front while overtaking them.

Solo picture at the finishing

I realised I was running faster than my usual pace in the first 5 km.  The route is nice though fairly undulating throughout.  We ran past the museum, the chapel, Johor Battery and the women's prison in the idyllic Changi district.  At the 6 km u-turn mark, I saw Peter who was just running in and I shouted to him but he did not hear me.  I slowed a bit in the last 5 km.  I am not a morning person as I prefer to run in evening.  I was not sure if my condition can allow me to push my pace.  I was mostly just behind one male Caucasian runner throughout.

At the 8 km mark, we turned into the prison compound.  From there on, it was an easy run as it was downhill for long stretch.  I did not accelerate my pace though it was near the finishing.  I just maintained my pace of 5 mins plus per km.  The weather was getting a little hotter by then.

When I was near the finishing, the clock was still showing 55 mins plus and after crossing the finishing, I gave a thumbs-up for the camera.  Taking away the gun time of 3 mins, I should clock under 53 minutes I think.  Though I have yet to go under 50 mins in my 10 km run, this should be my best time by far.

The three musketeers at the start point

After the run, I waited for Peter who came in some 2 minutes later, Simon, Poh Kuan and Richard.  We hang around for a while and we took more pictures.  We then walked some 5 km back to Aranda Country Club.

Good run in the morning with friends and thumbs up to the organisers for a good job.      

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