Sunday, September 07, 2014

TRI-Factor Series 2014

Group picture with Alim, the star (man in the middle) before the flag-off

I participated in this morning's TRI-Factor series by "default" and it was my first in three disciplines, swim, bike and run.  One of my kakis from the 'happy group', Edmond who signed up for this event but at last moment, he pestered me to take over his bib.  Some of us suspected he could have developed 'cold feet' syndrome though he told us that it clashed with another event of his.  Reluctantly, I took over.  It was just a "Freshmen" entry, swim 200 metres, bike 10 km (yawn) and run 2.4 km (more yawn).  For the first time, I was running in the name of Edmond.

Group picture with Tan and his "Happy Group"       

Due to tight schedule, I did not do any exercise for the whole week and this one at least can allow me to burn-off some calories - thanks Edmond hor.  I had arranged to meet Tan and his "happy group", the likes of his wife who is my idol, Jane, Wendy who is another of my idol, Doreen and their two other friends at 0800 hrs.  Wendy and Doreen had downgraded to the "Freshmen" category leaving Tan, Jane and Carol impersonator (the real Carol is still nursing an wrist injury) to do the more challenging "Sprint" entry, swim 750 metres, bike 20 km and run 5 km.

Wendy and I finished almost the same in the swim leg 

Doreen, Wendy and I were in the same wave scheduled at 1025 hrs while Tan, Jane and Carol impersonator were flagged off earlier than us.  I met some familiar faces too.  Feng who was not feeling well in the past few days had downgraded to "Freshmen" entry despite advices from many of her friends not to race, she just did not listen.  Jacqueline from Hougang cycling group was there too.  While waiting to be flagged off, someone tapped me on my shoulder and it was David, my former colleague.  I almost could not recognise him with his cap on.  Good for him.

Wendy and I almost to the finish 

When the horn was blown, off we went.  Admittedly, I had not been swimming for many years and I was not comfortable with the swim leg.  Either you were kicked by someone or you kicked someone in the water.  Though it was a short 250 metres, I did not find it easy though.  I used the breast stroke throughout.  Soon, I was up and running to collect my bike.  Wendy was just behind me and I then told her to tag with me.

We were cycling just under 30 km/hr and Wendy was behind me throughout.  It was two laps around the circuit.  In the cycling event, I did show off some what.  When there was camera focusing on us, I released my hands from the handle bar to do a pose.  And very quickly, the 10 km bike event was over.

On the final turn with Wendy 

Wendy asked me to carry on without her but hey, how can I leave my idol behind leh.  Actually, I planned to run with Alim (the amputee athlete) but he was flagged off in the earlier wave.  Also, I did not want to clock a quick time in the name of Edmond who has to do his own personal best next year.  It was an easy run for us.  Along the way, we saw supporters from Dan, Patrick, Jenny and rest from the Hougang cycling group.  I even caught Edwin near the finish and he managed to take some pictures for us.  Wendy and I finished the run together.  Tan was already at the finish line rooting for us.  We waited for the rest to complete, Doreen, Jane, Carol impersonator and Nelson.  It was a fun event and I truly enjoyed it..  I met so many friends from other cycling groups too.  Thanks to Edmond who gave up or else, I could not have enjoyed it so much.

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