Sunday, December 09, 2012

Fully Charged & A Satisfying Weekend

I have never felt so charged up on any given weekend for the longest time, not even when I have to cycle more than 100km on a typical Saturday morning with some friends or completed a full marathon run.  There were few back-to-back events on this Saturday and Sunday and I finally can heave a sigh of relief when everything ended up smoothly.  I decided I should post out this article once I am home, well this is exactly what I am doing now.

First thing first, I have to make sure my work comes first.  I have to get up very early on Saturday, met up my coach captain who is handling his first transfer for our Legoland bound passengers.  It is peak season, we can't afford any screw-up and I don't like to receive any negative feedback from our passengers either.  The first morning task was completed, no sweat and with one down, I can then proceed to handle my personal stuff. 

Because of the co-ordination job on Saturday morning, I have to excuse myself from the farewell hike for Junko on Saturday morning which was initiated by me but I can rely on CK and Dora to lead the group in my absence.  The hike at MacRitchie reservoir went off hitch less.  I can still spare time for the lunch after their hike and I am happy I can still manage to bid Junko farewell after all. 

After the lunch, I left for Red Cross Home For The Disabled to help with the sorting and packing of the purchases we made for the two beneficiaries, Red Cross and the seven families under the care of Heart-To-Heart Service.  Some of us from SANL's organising committee managed to finish the sorting and packing task and we were ready for the main event on Sunday.

Shinta, our committee treasurer reported that we were still short of some S$250 from our collections so far.  Our budget for the two beneficiaries is S$913.  However, I remained confident we can achieve our budget once everyone who has confirmed for the charity event on Sunday has pledged a minimum sum of S$10 each and already, we have some who are giving more.

The SANL led charity event at Red Cross Home For The Disabled was scheduled at 1.00 pm but as one of the organisers, I was already there before 12 noon.  Since I was early, I managed to take a quick lunch and Noelle who also arrived early, joined me.  We were expecting more than 70 volunteers from SANL (based on their RSVP) and the multi-purpose hall could be filled to the brink.  Red Cross' staff, Siti was already there to help with the co-ordination. 

Well before 1.00pm, the children were wheeled to the multi-purpose hall by their helpers and TS, Kevin and some who arrived early, also helped out.  At the same time, Noelle and I were transferring the packed rations for Heart-To-Heart into our cars.  By 1.00 pm, most volunteers arrived and some brought along candies, drinks and tidbits too.  

Estelle and her performers arrived around 1.30pm and when she was ready, we started the program before the 2.00 pm scheduled time.  TS did the introduction and it was so timely his mother stepped in.  His sister is housed at Red Cross and he was thankful that he can host the event where his sister is presently housed - so heartwarming to hear that. 

Some were expecting 'professional performance' as I listed in the program after deliberately to up the expectation, "Showtime by Estelle Production" as if we have budget to engage professional entertainers.  Estelle is just one of our volunteers, not any professional entertainer and she had been tasked to handle the entertainment part.  But she took all the trouble to plan this well.  She called in her contact, the students from SIM to do salsa dance & a short skit and Leng Kee CC's volunteers to do a mambo dance for the children and the volunteers.  In between, Kevin did try to steal the show with some clumsy act and Rene was also pulled in, by brutal force helped by me.  Everyone including the children really enjoyed the whole act.  It was an impeccable performance hosted by Estelle, am impressed.

As it was a back-to-back event, I left at about 3.30pm to fetch brother Sharana to Heart-To-Heart families in York Hill.  TS and some will join me later at Heart-To-Heart while the Red Cross program was still ongoing. 

The Heart-To-Heart event was to deliver our rations to the seven poor families.  It did not take us long to finish this task.  By 5.00 pm, we have completed all our task.  We have delivered our blessings to the children at Red Home For The Disabled and the seven families under Heart-To-Heart.  Best of all, we have managed to meet our budget and there is a surplus of some S$150 which we will use to purchase rations for another home.  We were ready to leave, some heading for late lunch or early dinner whichever is more appropriate while I prefer to head home for a well deserved rest.  Thanks all, SANL volunteers for the good times, I truly enjoyed the outing.

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