Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What do I look for in interviewing and recruiting

This article, http://www.tonyfernandesblog.com/main.php/2011/01/04/what-do-i-look-for-in-interviewing-and-r was taken from a post by AirAsia most famous personality, Datuk Tony Fernandes and it is my greatest pleasure to share the insights of this great entrepreneur with friends and others.

Many asked me to write about this, so here goes.

I'm not really the most conventional person in conducting interviews but I have been blessed with getting good people.

What do I look for?

1) The hunger in their eyes -- the look that says they're determined to go out and prove to everyone that the world has missed them, and made a mistake doing so.

2) Looking at their present job. If they are bored, then that's what I want. Someone who's raring to go.

3) People who believe in themselves. Believe in meritocracy.

4) Team players with little politics (not always easy to find).

5) Humility. I hate people who are into how large their office is going to be, or "what car do I get?" And, of course, "what's my title?" Being humble and proving one's own ability is the key. Then everything else follows.

6) The ability to adapt to change and move from department to department (much like Holland's total football concept). And innovators: People who dare to take risks and change the norm.

7) Adding extra value to the organization. In whichever way and whichever area. Musician, artist, sportsperson, etc. I like all rounders.

8) Doers rather than talkers.

9) And last on my list: academic credentials.

That's it. Good luck for all those dreamers. Remember, always be postive. Life is much more fun that way. And live your dreams. You only live once so go out there and do whatever you want. You only have one life - make the most of it.

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