Monday, January 10, 2011

Appalling Writing Standard of a University Lecturer

The comment below was extracted from one of many Dr Mahathir's replies to a post on his blog ( The content of his post is not the highlight here, this particular reply from a seasoned university lecturer in one of Malaysia's prestigious universities (as proclaimed by him) is. Ask any of our primary school students, many can easily string proper sentences than this lecturer. I have only one word for it, gosh!


Ever since you became the prime Minister I have always admire you and will always encourage my students at the universiteis that i have taught for almost 30 years (4 in all ) an I am now lecturing at Utp the prestigous university of the nation. Sad to say that the building is not been maintained especially the seminar rooms . Once a room that house some electrical things was flooded and no one noticed. I came to know when the room next to THE ONEi i was using could not function . After reports and more reports for nearly 1 month then came the maintenance. NeXt the contractors. This again delayed the whole process. I HOPE PEOPLE UP THERE SHOULD PRACTICE THE MANAGEMENT BY WALKING AROUND AND NOT JUST THE CHANCELLORY AREA.sORRY FOR SUCH TRIVIAL ISSUES BUT YOUR BLOG DISCUSSES EVERYTHING FROM ADVERT TO HIGHLY IMPORTANT THINGS. iT IS A REAL AVENUE FOR THE OLD AND YOUNG TO EXCHANGE IDEAS AND NOT BAD MOUTHING OTHERS. sTAY HEALTHY ANDMAY ALLAH BLESS YOU.

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