Sunday, March 15, 2009

Suburban Run @ North East on 15 Mar 2009

This run in Sengkang is only a teaser to the big race at year end, just 5km to test the ground. To our pleasant surprise, this event attracted quite a sizeable turnout and evidently, there are many fitness conscious Singaporeans, PRs and working expatriates out there where economic crisis is simply non-existent.

Missed taking Winnie's picture at the race venue for memento, took this one at Old Airport Road carpark where we headed for breakfast after the race.

The morning sun was quite fiery though we were flagged off @ 8 am and we didn't do enough warm-up due to long queue line for the toilet prior to the race. 5 km, yes but it was not an easy one owing to the weather. We ran the usual pace and finished around 32 mins (1 min of so to be taken off due to crowding in the front when flagged off).

At the finish point, we were given a nice medal (not some cheaply produced certificates at the last race, no name of the organisers mentioned) coupled with a stylish cap. On whole, it was not a bad race though I lament more volunteers could be properly assigned to guide the runners, coz at some point, it was somewhat confusing.

One down, more to go...but saving the best for last; for me, the 42 km and for Winnie, it's 21 km. Go for goal!

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