Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Overdue Meeting

Once again, I happened to be the only thorn (sigh...) among the roses. On the far left, it's Irene and next to her, Winnie. To my left, there is Amanda, next to her is Connie and Jean on the extreme right.

This gathering on last Friday (20 Mar) was infact, long overdue and all thanks to Winnie, yes Winnie, my running mate who initiated the get-together of old comrades. And ya, one more thorn was supposed to join us but he (Vincent Kong) had a more important appointment with turf club, being an all important Friday for punters. Between horses and roses, he felt the former was more important for him. Thanks to him though, we had a good dinner at Bellini and much laughter too.

It has been ages since I last met Jean and Amanda, really I cannot remember when was that last time. Boy, both ladies still look gorgeous but no chance for me now for both of them are happily married with kids in tow. Err...friends forever!

I enjoyed the get-together albeit feeling bad that Winnie's car hit the kerb at tight corner in carpark, no qualm footing the bill like a gentleman and will be looking forward to the next gathering.

Ladies, this thorn is no ordinary thorn as it has its loving side too, save for the hair part. Till we meet again.

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