Friday, January 02, 2009

Latest Smoking Ban

Effective 1 Jan this year, smoking ban has been expanded in public areas including no smoking within 5 metre boundary outside a building. While I feel this latest ban is somewhat harsh on smokers who are already finding hard to puff away but there are still some who simply defy such ban of sorts.

While heading to office for work one morning, I saw a middle-aged man holding a cigarette about to walk into the lift. There were only two of us at the lift lobby then. Before the lift shut, I told him smoking is not allowed in lift. Instead of heeding to my advice, he gave another puff inside. I was visibly upset. After shutting, the lift door re-opened almost immediately. Two gentlemen happened to press the button and one of them turned out to be the employer of this smoker. He told him that he should not be smoking in the lift. I then chipped in, telling them that I had earlier told him not to smoke but he remained defiant. I further told them that I do not want to die young, apparently taking a swipe at this smoker who kept silent throughout. When the lift landed on the 3rd floor (my office is on the 5th floor) and before the three of them exited, I told them that I would have marched to this smoker's office (he was wearing his company's t-shirt) or put up the complaint to the management office had the two gentlemen not taken the same lift with us. I was really put off by the attitude of this smoker, totally inconsiderate to others. I cannot imagine those, especially ladies who had witnessed such encounter opted to keep quiet for fear of being told off thus making these smokers bolder each time.

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