Monday, January 05, 2009

Golden View Hotel, Batam

Invited to attend a wedding dinner at Golden View Hotel recently and was shown around the reclaimed land by the owner. The reclaimed land has covered some nearly 200 hectares and is still growing. Sand is readily available, excavated from the hill near the reclaimed site. A big saving vis-a-vis if done in Singapore. The masterplan of this massive reclaimed land includes upscale bungalows/villas, an entertainment park, a ferry terminal and a marina, among others. The downside, I feel is this place is sited in Batam and it takes a mountain of a task to convince Singaporeans to invest their hard-earned money given topsy-turvy governmental policies there. The owner has even bought one Cheng Ho junk cruise from her previous Singapore owner with intention to run harbour cruises when ready. This is one of the many initiatives they have lined up.

The space inside and outside Golden View Hotel is abundant, I believe it is only a matter of time they give their competitors a run for their monies when most of their core facilities are up and running. Their ballroom on the highest floor (10th floor) can easily accommodate 100 tables in one wedding dinner evening. On whole, the hotel is generally okay, save for the lack of soft touches to improve on ambience.

This hotel is one to watch out in the near future once they have put their acts together.

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