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Gathering of Some Ex CIASers

(Jeannie on the far right & Irene seated behind her. Ada is just behind me and further back, Dion)

The much awaited get-together of long lost colleagues dated back during our airport days in the swinging 80s finally took place at Sakura Orchard recently. As it was a lunch gathering, a pity many of our former colleagues could not make it due to prior work commitments.

Well, yours truly me, so happened to be the only thorn among the roses, an honour indeed! We certainly have had good conversation, and much catching up. Oh yes, I have not met Irene for at least some good 20 years (not to be reminded of our age though), she is still keeping that cool look & suffice to say, pretty enuf and this is probably thanks to CX for their fine grooming of their cabin crew. We have the unmistakable sweet smile of Dion (ex Mary) who, by the way is a hairstylist and a boss herself still reminds me of that young & chatty lady at the airport then. Regrettably, she won't get to do my business for reason I don't have to divulge much from my physical appearance, obvious right? And there is this petite Jeannie who is in spa & facial business now, glowing as usual but the sternness in her disposition has waned over the years, not totally though. Finally, the forever young looking Ada Goh, who now has all the time in the world to contemplate what job to do after serving CX diligently all these years. Trust me Ada, service line is still for your taking as your expertise is certainly sought after. I am still me, nothing much to comment and I hope ex comrades like Daniel, Ang Kok Chye, Alfred, Evelyn Tan, Annie Wong, Barry Sim, our ex boss Michael Ng, Sylvia Cheong, Clifford Gabriel, Ismail Kassim, Brian Pereira and those I have missed out due to no faults of mine could join us in another dinner gathering in the not so far future.

Always nice to catch up with old old friends and colleagues for old time sake lah.


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