Sunday, December 31, 2017

My Summary of 2017

It is the last post that reflects on year 2017 before the clock strikes past midnight.  How has year 2017 been for me?  First off and with slight tinge of disappointment, some lofty targets set for the early part of the year were missed as we inched forward.  There was an ambitious plan to partner someone to launch a business proposal which I thought was was quite unique and definitely one of its kind here but the investors 'did not bite' despite our best presentation effort put forth.  Thus, the business idea has to put on back burner for now. 😞

On the event front, our signature run events like Run For Light and Urban Aquathlon were successfully launched.  While the bottomline was nothing to gloat about but I enjoyed the whole process for both events.  Run For Light and Urban Aquathlon will continue to be featured in year 2018 and of course, I am hoping for a better outing this time.  Though we initiated OCC 3Ten Run in 2015 but we decided not to co-own the event which eventually went back to OCC.  However, we still managed OCC 3Ten Run 2017 for them as event organiser.  At least we do not have to worry about number and still get paid for it.

Perhaps I derived more pleasure and satisfaction from the few team building events I conducted for few companies.  The earning was also not that bad either.  Had I started to venture into team building years ago, things could be different for me now I did wonder to myself. 😄

The biggest surprise I received for the year is to get re-connected with a dear friend after more than one decade.  A surprise 'hello' email from this friend suddenly appeared on my laptop did get me thinking momentarily that this could be a spam mail.  Fortunately, it was not.  Yes, we have plenty of catching up to do now. 😃

What will year 2018 be like?  Admittedly, I am not getting younger anymore and some friends think I am going easy.  On the contrary, I am not slowing down and at this age, I am still hoping for a breakthrough in the few things I am doing.  Retirement to me means 'it's the end'.  As long as I am still healthy and alert, I will continue to find something to do even going into my 70s or beyond.  In short, I can ill-afford to retire.  I hope the few events that we have lined for 2018 will take us to the next level.  Is 2018 going to be a good year?  Yes, it is going to be one heck of a year but I have to work hard for it.  Year 2018, bring it on! 💪💪💪

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