Saturday, August 06, 2016

Singapore's National Day

Wow, this is my first post for 2016 and since it is 3 days before our national day, I will write something that relates to our national day (I'll try as I really do not have any specific subject to talk about).

Last year was SG50 and it was celebrated in a big way, given it was our golden jubilee celebration. Alas, the demise of LKY who was at every of our NDP but sadly, he could not celebrate SG50 with us.  This year is SG51 and the celebration may be scaled down compared to last year, I can still feel the NDP mood among us.  Just few days ago, we organised a walk event for Canon Singapore with SG51 celebration in mind too.  The plan was to end the event with a national day song, Count On Me, Singapore to be sang by all.  There was no rehearsal and we just have to sing along which was led by one senior Canon employee.  I immediately felt the patriotism in me when the song was played.  I jumped on the stage and sang my heart out.  I don't sing well but at the spur of moment, I just sang as if there was no tomorrow.  On the floor, there were non Singaporeans too.  The Canon CEO is a Japanese and she was on stage singing along with the rest of us.  With lyrics on hand, they sang along with us.  This national day celebration is not just meant for Singaporeans too, it is also our show of appreciation to the foreigners who live and work here.  I am proud to be a Singaporean.  Happy birthday, Singapore!

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