Sunday, July 06, 2014

Youth Day

The idea of having an International Youth Day was proposed in 1991 by a group of young people in Vienna, Austria during the first session of the UN’s World Youth Forum.  The primary aim of declaring Youth Day is in concert with fundraising and promotion purposes, among others and to support the United Nations Youth Fund in partnership with various youth organisations.

While ours is not for charity purpose of sorts and have been observed for more than three decades, it is a festival celebration for the youths here.  It was first celebrated on 18 July 1967 at Jalan Besar Stadium when Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) was launched by our first President, Yusof Ishak.  It involved some 24,000 from primary and secondary school in a two-week celebration then.   This has since metamorphosed into an annual event showcasing youth talents and involving more than 40,000 students typically in the month of July.

Whatever its purpose or aim, it is therefore safe to say that Youth Day is celebrated by many countries in the world to appreciate the youths’ achievement in each country for they are the future leaders of the world.     

Through the many initiatives of SYF, students of different ethnic backgrounds come together in celebration for building friendship, bonding and honing skills.  SYF has become an annual celebration in the month of July and without doubt, this year’s Youth Day will be celebrated on 6th July.   

Wishing all youths a Happy Youth Day!

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