Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Summary For 2013

It is the time of the year where I will post my last entry before the clock strikes past midnight into the new year.  In the first quarter of the year, I have decided to quit my full time job and go with my passion.  Having crossed half a century mark, it is a risk I must say and I should know better.  I have faced business failures and I won't want to be caught in a tight financial situation again.  Fear not, I told myself.  All I need is to manage my expectation and I should be fine.

I like to organise outdoor events and this is my passion.  It is also my livelihood now.  With times on my side, I have had organised quite a number of cycling and hiking tours in the one year period.  Thanks to Sandy, I am pleased that I have the opportunity to collaborate with Star Cruises where we launched our first ever cruise and cycle tour which brought us to Phuket and Langkawi in October this year.  Following our successive maiden run, our second cruise and cycle program will commence in March next year.  Since beginning of the year, I have been advocating for a major outdoor event, be it a run or cycle event and I hope to get some strong sponsors to realise my ambition.  I will continue to work on it going into 2014.  Fingers crossed for now.      

One of the most meaningful events I helped to organise has to be the "Ride For Rations" fund raising event where we cycled from Malacca to Singapore over 2 days.  I am honoured and pleased to be invited to be the exco member of Bike-Aid Singapore.  Our third edition saw a record number of cyclists and the biggest fund raised for the needy families under Sunlove Home.  Working with great people in Bike-Aid who are volunteers themselves is one enriching experience for me.  I am fortunate to have made acquaintance with them.  It is such a pleasure to see every bit raised that went to a cause.  I am happy to have played a humble part and we have bigger plan for "Ride For Rations" come 2014.

Another meaningful event is our ride in Thailand in Feb this year.  It was a private initiative from a good fellow in Nicky Tay who brought some of us together for the gruelling 3 days ride from Bangkok to Sangkhlaburi in the rugged western region of Thailand near Myanmar.  We raised funds for the home on a private basis.  It was a chanced meeting with Dada (brother) from Baan Dada Home who has to take care of homeless children.  Dada has to feed them, house them, school them and even send some to university.  He has to do everything on his own and I am deeply impressed with his untiring commitments to serve the under-privileged.  He lives a frugal life and he is from the Philippines but yet he is in Thailand helping the children who are mostly from Myanmar.  It is my good fortune to have met Dada in person.  Some of us are getting together in our bid to help Dada in his various fund raising campaigns.  Again, I am honoured to play my part to help Dada and his children within my best ability.

This year has its fair share of negative things that had happened around me but I don't wish to share bad and negative experiences.  Notwithstanding , we must always be positive looking and make the best while we are still living.    

2014 should be another challenging year for me as I continue to follow my heart and seek new developments to spur myself.  Bring it on, 2014!  

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