Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Your Personal Life, Guard It

I am appalled when I read a recent posting on Facebook from an old friend of mine.  I shall call him D.  I have not seen him for quite few years but from his many updates on his FB, he seemed to be doing quite alright. 

Whenever I read some childish postings on FB by some, usually over an unhappy incident involving the two persons, I would automatically assume these childish postings must be made by some young people.  With social media, we know that we have to be very discreet with what we say as it is can be read by many and worst, shared too. 

D is not a very young man, he is just few years younger than me.  I would have thought he has the maturity to differentiate what can be said and what cannot be said publicly but I was very wrong.  I am concerned when I saw his comments lashing out on someone who was once so close to him.  Well, both D and that person were in a relationship and for reasons not known to us, they finally split.  I read everything D posted on FB.  D threatened to commit suicide, putting all the blame on that person should he die.  Who are we to judge who is right or who is wrong, really?  This is a private issue that needs two sensible persons to come together and to resolve amicably and this is something many could have experienced in some stage of their lives, really.  Life is never a bed of roses.  We fall in love today, we fall out love tomorrow but we have to move on. 

D started to accuse the person for cheating his money, listed out the various sums the person had taken from him.  D went further to list out the telephone number of that person's close relatives.  There were host of other comments D threatened to post out.  I am just concerned for D as a friend who was probably in the right frame of mind to handle it.  Meanwhile, I realised D was admitted to hospital for taking overdose of drugs.  Did he really try to take his own life or he was trying to scare that person?  It is total stupidity on D to even try to consider either.  I decided to send D a private message hoping he will 'wake up' from his stage of confusion over a failed relationship.  He responded and thanked me for the concern but then, he did nothing to stop posting his comments targeting at that person.  FB is an excellent social networking platform but to use it to air personal grievances, this surely won't look good on the person airing it and also the person receiving it. 

I take comfort of sorts when I learnt that D has finally terminated his FB account and all his postings are therefore not assessable anymore.  I hope D is on the road of recovery, close this chapter of his life and move on. 

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