Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Birthday on 12 Feb

It was my birthday on 12 Feb and 1 year short of half century mark, I am 49 exactly to that day. I've always remind myself, age is a just number and as long as I stay fit & healthy, I will run, I will chase as long as my lung capacity still permits me.

No intention to organise any special event to celebrate my grand old age (sheepishly, I admit I have posted my date of birth on my FB profile which can be viewed by many of my friends), some pleasant arrangements by some friends running up to my birthday certainly have brightened my day.

First, it was Tim Chua whom I get to know through his then girlfriend, Maxine and now his wife emailed me to 'chop' me for a birthday lunch on 10 Feb, Thursday. We had a good chat on some business matters at NUSS Guildhouse in Suntec as well as a good lunch. There was no cake though.

The following day, Dora arranged to have lunch with me though she didn't say she was buying lunch for my birthday. She kept mum, so did I. We had a good economical Thai meal in Macpherson Road. Again, there was no cake.

On the same evening, Rickson, Mandy and Gladys arranged to have a dinner with me at Peng Catering in Hougang. I insisted that I buy dinner. I was supposed to watch Chingay Parade, had to sacrifice the two tickets since it was a good gesture from them to celebrate my birthday. The dinner was sumptuous, we ate to our hearts' content. Mandy ordered the smallest cake she could find, good fit for just 4 persons. Thereafter, we had a good chat, just gossiping before calling it a day.

On my birthday, 12 Feb, I had a cycling event organised by Anna and I had to help her with some logistical arrangements. I kind of knew my cycling kakis, Anna, CK, Esther and of course, Dora should know my birthday which was shown on my FB profile but I didn't expect them to arrange any special for me. The cycling expedition started in the morning at about 1000 hours setting off at Khatib stadium and heading to Woodlands before making a U-turn back. There were some 20 of us. It was a hot morning and we finally arrived back at Khatib stadium at about 1330 hours.

Dora suggested we head to Thomson for our late lunch. Boy, I was feeling very hungry, I can eat a goat as I did not take any breakfast in the morning. After bidding farewell to the rest of them, Esther, Anna, Dora, CK and I headed to Thomson. My hunch told me they were probably going to buy me lunch but I just went along. None of them wished me "happy birthday", even Dora though I knew she was aware it was my birthday. I should smell a rat but I didn't, actually. We had a good lunch at a hawker centre, all 4 of us groped down our spagetti swiftly and washed it down with ice cold sugarcane juice. Anna thanked us for helping out in the cycling event insisted to pay for lunch. I didn't reject her kind offer since it was my birthday, let her buy then. The girls were fighting to pay, faint! After the lunch, I thought nothing about it and was ready to head home. Dora and Esther wanted to buy some pastries to bring home, we then followed them to a nearby cakeshop. Again, I was still like blur a 'sotong' when the indication was so clear the moment we stepped into the cakeshop. I even hastened them to pick up their pastries so that we can head home. Dora then placed a box in front of me and I even remarked (rather naively) whether she was sharing the pastries with Esther. They did not say anything. I was still kept in the dark - that blur I was at that juncture. When the box was opened, only then I realised they had ordered a chocolate cake for us. Yes, Anna's birthday was just one day after me. It was double surprise for me, first the birthday cake which I did not expect from them and then, Anna's birthday is just back-to-back mine. Birthday song was sang to both of us and we, Anna & I shared the joy of cutting the cake together. Thanks Esther, CK and Dora for the cake shared between Anna and me. This little surprise had certainly made my day.

I ended my birthay going to SAFRA Mt Faber gym with George in the evening. Fond memories to give with.

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