Monday, August 09, 2010

Trekking at Bukit Timah on 8 Aug

Save for my army training years ago, I cannot remember I ever did a hike in Bukit Timah. This one led by seasoned trekker, SP, had attracted a motley of some 30 of us.

I was thinking of parking my car near the Malayan Dairy Farm and from there, I should be able to make my way to the visitor's centre where all of us were to gather. But I should count my lucky star when I decided to change that decision at last hour, took up SP's advice to park at Beauty World mall as waiting time for a free carpark lot could take half an hour or so. I would have gotten lost myself if I decided to drive to Malayan Dairy Farm side, totally two different sides altogether.

Requested Hwee who was to take a bus from her home in Woodlands to wait for me near Beauty World, and she will guide me to the visitor's centre. It was my first time to the visitor's centre, could have lost my way if I had gone alone - for sure.

The trek was to start at 0830 hrs and we had arrived around that time, SP was already waiting for us. It was my first time meeting SP though I have read about him and his many trekking trips on website and FB.

I reckon we started around 0845 hrs and before setting-off, SP gave us a short briefing on the route and the expected distance & completion time. The entire distance should take around 8 km and if all goes well, we should be back by 1230 hrs. We will start off from the visitor's centre, head into the trail around Bukit Timah which will take us to the Singapore Quarry.

I was among the last, was chatting with Meiti when we set-up. Meiti and another friend who came late had yet to move on. When the group moved into the trail from the tared road, I almost lost them as there were two paths. Meiti and her friend by then had already join me. Quickly I called Hwee on her handphone to estabish their location and after getting assurance from her that we were on the right path, we quickened our pace to catch up. Again, Meiti received a call from another friend who had just arrived and quick instructions were given to her friend to try to meet up with us.

About 1 km later, SP made the first stop for the rest of us to catch up. By then, Meiti and her two friends managed to join the rest of the group but they were really panting away.

For me, this was an easy trail though at some point, we had to do some ascending. Again, I was the more chatty one and quickly, made friends with some in the group. Hwee was mostly among the front of the pack and I didn't get to chit-chat with her along the way.

The sight that fascinated me most is the Singapore Quarry. This reminds me of little Guilin, simply beautiful. We took our group pictures before heading back.

By the time, we reached visitor's centre it was around 1230 hrs. Some of us had our lunch in the hawker centre at Beauty World and we had good time sharing our experiences and getting to know each other better. I truly enjoyed this trekking and the company was great.

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