Friday, February 12, 2010

Closure of Barang Barang Stores

When I read the abrupt closure of Barang Barang stores in paper today, I must admit I can't helping feeling somewhat satisfied. Okay, I know it is not ethical to poke at some one else's misery but some 4 years ago, the discriminatory treatment I received from them cannot simply ease away.

That year was 2005, I was down & out and was desperate to land a job, just any job to tie-over the difficult period then. I was already in my early 40s, saw the advert placed by Barang Barang for in-door sales personnel and decided to try my luck. I called to fix up an appointment and a lady was put on the line. I stressed to her that I was in my 40s, "do I get a chance?". She re-assured me that age was not an issue, even told me they had just employed an uncle in his 50s.

After hearing it, I went to their Plaza Singapura store. I saw quite a few applicants either filling up the application forms or waiting to be called for interview. When I told the staff that I was here for a job interview, I was then given an application form to fill. After passing my application form to the staff, I waited just like the rest. Slowly, I saw one by one went in for interview and then, those who came after me were also called in. I continued to wait patiently. After more than an hour of waiting, a young staff came to me and she just told me that the HR will contact me without even calling me for an interview. I knew then that they were not even granting me an interview opportunity, simply shoved me off by getting a junior staff to ask me to go home and wait for news. The interviewers, whoever they were, simply ignored me just because I was over 40 and assumed, I cannot measure up to the younger ones. I had then wanted to kick a fuss with them for wasting my time here but no point, I told myself...face reality. It was Barang Barang's loss, not me.

I have always harboured the chance to meet Barang Barang's management one day to relate my experience and to let them realise the discriminatory treatment on over aged people by them should be and must be eliminated once and all. Well, I suppose I don't need to tell them now, they have become history now.

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