Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year To Remember, 2009

I have less than 2 hours to post my final summary of the year before the clock strikes @ 12 midnight to usher into the new year. In my 47 years, soon...48 in less than 2 months from now and 2009 has brought much surprises and along, happiness to me that I cannot recall when was the last time I experienced such euphoria of sorts or did I?

Beginning of the year 2009, I set my goal to complete my first full marathon run by year end and to my much delight, I did in better than expected time. Never did I expect, I won the draw to run the marathon in France in September 2010, courtesy of AirFrance and France Tourism Singapore. The run was made even more meaningful when I decided to raise fund for the cancer cause. Increditably, doing good deed does reap benefits when one least expected it.

In January, I become the proud owner of a brand new SUV vehicle which is my first ever vehicle owned by me. COE and car prices were at rock bottom, this buy was so timely for me and some six months later, everything shot up. Lucky break for me, perhaps.

In April, I decided to enrol in WSQ subsidised tourism course to upgrade myself and in one month from now, I will soon be graduating from this very course with a Diploma to my credence. Another course is already in sight for 2010, reckon learning and upgrading is an ongoing affair regardless of one's age.

In August, I become the proud owner of a 5-room flat which I managed to purchase at $5,000 below valuation after a hard bargain. Again, it was a timely purchase for me. Had I decided to wait a little longer, the value of HDB flats in open market turned bullish in matter of few months only.

I have very happy to have achieved all these goals within a span of one year and I certainly look forward to another fruitful 2010. As much as I wish to have another fruitful year, I hope and I wish those around me, my relatives, colleagues and friends do have a good year ahead too.

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