Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dr Mahatir Taking Pot Shot At Us Again

Dr Mahatir's latest posting on his blog, (http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/2009/07/the-modern-middle-kingdom-ii.html), cynically referring to Singapore as the modern middle kingdom (not again, sigh). It seems he has indicated no intention to relent anytime now, instead have worked hard to fire up sentiments on both sides using water as his attacking tool. Evidently, he enjoys creating difficulty to the present administration under PM Najib while the last Pak Lah administration was already destroyed by him almost 'single-handedly'.

The long outstanding matters between the two nations were painstakingly discussed but under his tenure-ship as PM, nothing could progress further due more to his stubbornness and personal pride perhaps. As a retired celebrated politician now, he will stop at nothing to derail any good intention for the two present governments to make progess to satisfy his personal vendatta against our dear MM Lee.

Notwithstanding, it is heartening to note that Singapore government has not reacted to his nonsensical postings on his blog from time to time and it now looks more comical on him (Dr M), akin to a clown in the circus trying hard to amuse his audience but failed badly. Whatever he said now, he shot himself on the foot. This water agreement was discussed, agreed and signed by both parties which is legally binding, no question about it. To veto it, surely Malaysia as a country will be viewed negatively by the world. Singapore dollar has risen against Ringgit currency and this is due to good governance on the Singapore side. For our good governance, it is now our fault that has rendered the water agreement to be more lopsided than ever. Of course this remains personal opinion of Dr M. Won't it be fair to state that Dr M, as 4th PM of Malaysia did a bad job to have allowed Ringgit currency (which started on equal footing when the two nations parted way) weakened against Singapore dollar over the years. Any child can pinpoint to him where had he erred then, piece of cake really. Unfortunately, he is now crying foul, for his own folly.

Tun, for goodness sake, please allow PM Najib to mend good ties with Singapore. It is not for you, it is certainly for the good of the two countries. Enjoy retirement while you can but, please shut up lah, Tun.

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