Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Comedy Act By Gopalan Nair

In order to get out from the doldrums he had created for himself in Singapore, he therefore agreed to plead guilty for insulting our judiciary and also publicly announced that he will delete all the postings on his blogs. Had he not done so, he would have to spend more jail time here and he could ill afford to so, given his badly battered financial situation. And by the way, I read from his blog he is now seeking for donations from public to keep him afloat (no diff to a street beggar, albeit an able-bodied & educated one).

Upon arriving home in the U.S., he immediately announced that he will not delete his postings on his blog and vowed to fight the cause of all Singaporeans from the outside. This is not a joke, an ex Singaporean of dubious background and had failed to win a seat as opposition on many occasions still harbours dream to be our M.P. one day. Ours is only a red dot, he will earn immense recognition if he fights for the people in his second home in the Congress, that is.

The late JBJ earns my greatest admiration and utmost respect though he had not been very successful in his own crusade. His 'never-say-die' spirit fighting for his own political beliefs till he was made bankrupt time & again and never once did he pack up and leave our shore. In Gopalan's case, did he do likewise? If he so strongly believes that Singapore needs a drastic change on the political front, does he need to migrate and yet trying to put his nose in our internal affair? Mr Chiam See Tong is another good example he should emulate. Is Mr Chiam or in Gopalan's case, forced by some 'mystery force' to leave our shore? He is still well & fine though he is not in his pink of health of late, still doing his level best for his ward and winning election on every count. Gopalan, tt is tough to be on the opposing side in Singapore, I totally subscribe to it but to have a say in politics here, you need to fight with your two feet rooted in Singapore. Don't fire blank from outside, you look more comical with your various class acts.

Gopalan Nair, you are already sinking financially chiefly from your own doing, put all the training and experiences you have earned as a lawyer to pull yourself out of doldrums and be a useful American in your new home. For goodness sake, stay out from our affairs.

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