Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Paralympians Make Us Proud

Foreign talents aside, paralympians like Yip Pin Xiu and Laurentia Tan have certainly made our red dot shinning bright in the international sporting arena. Both young ladies have won a combined 4 medals, a gold, a silver & 2 bronzes in the last Beijing Paralympics games. What makes this even sweeter for us is that both are Singapore born, they are true blue Singaporeans to say the least. Their achievements have inspired many future able-bodied Singapore Olympians that winning more Olympic medals in the many years to come can be made possible with one hundred & one percent dedication coupled with plenty of hard work & sacrifices.

Yip Pin Xiu who is only 16 years of age and suffering from muscular dystrophy is already making plan to repeat her golden feat in 2012 London Paralympics. While we know, it is a daunting task for her given her physical condition, however her commitment to the love of her sport, i.e. swimming and performing her best is beyond word of description. Excellent befits her best. I hope to see her excel in swimming for the longest time ever. Go Pin Xiu for uncle me will be rooting for you and so too for the rest.

Big cheers to the Singapore Paralympians!

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