Thursday, January 19, 2006


This is one of my few favourite colleagues and his name is Tommy Chong whom I have not met for some good 4 years. And when we met met in last December in Penang, he has ballooned from 250+ pounds to more than 350+ pounds (I can only guesstimate coz my own weighing machine has the maximum scale of 300 pounds only).

To all nice single ladies somewhere out there, hate to tell you gals that he is already taken coz good natured man like him is far and few between. Without divulging too much, he is currently in the service line. Pole-for-pole, if we think his 'better half' is just about as big as he is, you are utterly wrong for she is a slim & slender lady and a beauty too. Obviously, he has to work doubly hard to WOW her and her parents & relatives over with his GOD-SEND gift of the gap, a lethal weapon of his to say the least.

To rebuke common norms that big (fat) people are only interested in feasting big time and nothing else, our Tommy has (in between feasting though) other hidden talents too. With his artistic imagination, he can quickly transform a nondescript room into a showroom piece of work without the real need of a a major upheaval that could cost tonnes of money. He simply uses orchid petals placed on the bed spread, a borrowed bathrobe tucked nicely at one corner of the bed, two eloquently folded napkins plus a champagne bottle filled with tap water (use fake to save money) & two long glasses and here we is a job well done...but that was for picture taking only coz in reality, one-star room is still a one-star room, period.

I have already nominated him to the producer of the 2nd series of the 'BIGGEST LOSER' game in America and the winner will stand to win US$250,000. This is the last time you guys will get to see our big Tommy in his current frame because once he has returned from America, I will promise to post his new picture for all to marvel over.

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