Saturday, December 31, 2005


There’s a saying – A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED which I wholeheartedly subscribe to it. It was in my darkest hours not too long ago, among the few, this particular friend of mine who has lent me a helping hand will always be deeply appreciated and fondly remembered by me in my whole lifetime. Though we may not have known each other for ages to be KAKIs, rather it was through quality time we have had spent over a short span that a friendship bond has gradually blossomed. Some friends simply come & go, some are meant to be forever friends.

Certainly, friendship is not measured by the depth of wealth one possesses or on the highest echelon of one’s social standing as next to kinship, true friendship on it own merit is a priceless treasure no amount of money in this universe can buy. What’s the point of having all the worldly possessions without any worthy friend to confide in; to rely on; to share one’s happiness & joy and more?

Though of late we may not have communicated on a regular basis, I was happy to learn that this friend of mine was finally tying the knots for she has finally found her ‘White Knight in Armor’ after a long wait and above all, I was happy beyond description to be invited to her wedding dinner recently.

That evening was such a joyous occasion for her and her loved ones especially witnessing her mother who was grinning graciously from guest-to-guest, table-to-table. If FATE has made us blossom friends, it was only at the wedding dinner that we realized we are now distant relatives by virtue of her marriage to her better half who is actually the younger brother of my aunt. Cassandra, I am now in a quandary of sorts now that is, should I still call you by your mere name (CAS or Siew Siew) or by default, address you, AUNT? The choice is yours to make, I’ll go along with your wish.

Aunt or Cassandra or Siew Siew, I sincerely wish both you & your beloved spouse from the bottom of my heart a blissful matrimony that completes with prosperity & progress in your businesses for a long time to come and it is certainly nice having you as my friend. Remember, true friends are for forever and I count you as one of them.

As a finale to the newly wedded couple, I have specially chosen the last day of 2005 to post this article on my own blog to be read and shared by well-intended friends and relatives.

Collin Ng

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