Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Summary For 2014

It is the last day of 2014 to a start of another year ahead.  It is a "ritual of sorts" for me to post my last thought for 2014 on the last day of 2014.  How did 2014 go for me?  For starter, the year did not augur well for the aviation industry, most particularly Malaysia Airlines when the world received a rude shock on hearing the missing MH plane in the early part of the year which has yet to be found.  The sombre mood worsened further when another MH plane crashed from the Ukraine internal war conflict some months later.  While the world has yet to fully recover from the double whammy, days before the year is over, AirAsia Indonesia plane crashed while enroute to Singapore from Surabaya.  Like many I do empathy for the affected families and hope they will recover from their grieves soon.

On a personal note, I do find year 2014 not that bad a year for me though not fantastic to say the least.  However, I do get to know more nice people through the many events I have had organised.  One in particular is the cycle and cruise event with Star Cruises and since our inception, we have gone on to do three trips and still counting.

I have gone another year without a full time job and admittedly, I have to be very watchful on unnecessary spending.  Somehow, I am confident I can get by.  I am very excited going into 2015. Why so?  There are few exciting events in the pipeline and I am collaborating these events with some like-minded partners and with some stroke of luck, I am hopeful that we can deliver a good show together - fingers crossed.  I reckon event organising is the way to go for me now and hopefully, I can carve out a niche from here.  

What has been my most satisfying moment in 2014?  I find that I can help more despite not having a full time job.  Our annual "Ride For Rations" cycling fund raising event has raised a record sum for the needy families in 2014 - all thanks to everyone involved.  On a personal note, I am also glad that I have managed to form a volunteer group to visit Baan Dada Home in Thailand in the middle of the year and the fund that we raised did help Dada Rama in the nick of time.  Some friends pledged monies while I pledged my time and some effort.  I really hope I can help more.  It has been great knowing some of the people who come together for a cause.

What is my wish for 2015?  I hope it is going to be a peaceful world and everyone can live harmoniously together.  Wishful I know but nothing is going to stop me from not wishing for that. 2015, bring it on...I am ready for it!


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