Saturday, July 02, 2011

Bike Rental Shop @ East Coast Park

This morning (Sat, 2 July) I arranged to do cycling with some friends, all 5 of us at East Coast. I have my own bike but all my friends had to rent one at East Coast. We were supposed to cycle from East Coast to Changi Village and back. After getting the bikes, we set-off at about 8.30am to Changi Village. After cycling for 2km, one of our friends had a flat tyre. Just a short distance away, there is this bike shop called 'Our Family Corner' and we went over to ask to use their air pump. We approached this sullen-looking middle-aged Chinese man who happened to man the shop. We sought his help for an air pump. He flatly refused our request pointing to a notice pasted at their shop which I didn't want to read it. He said air pump is only available for use on weekdays only and chargeable at S$1. I said it is fine, we will pay S$1 to use the air pump but he said it is only for rental on weekdays only, period. I was amused, why weekdays and not weekends and further, his shop then was not busy either. He simply stood there, looking deadspan and just refused to let us use the air pump, not even to rent out. We may not have rented the bikes from them in the first place but we could have purchased drinks and other items from them or we could have felt appreciated for their kind gesture and rent bikes from them in future.

This bike shop is certainly doing themselves a disservice, inviting irks from would-be customers and other cyclists who may seek assistance for the same reason. They simply do not understand extending such service to those who need help could earn them new customers and referrals. We were prepared to pay for the use of the air pump, which by the way, is always available in any bike shop or petrol kiosk but this particular bike shop stands out like a sore thumb.

Granted no other choice, I had to push the bike some 2km back to change to a new bike and then cycled 'like hell' to re-join the main group.

This bike shop, 'Our Family Corner' is located along the stretch just after East Coast hawker centre to the direction of Changi Village, nearest to carpark E2. It is the only one bike shop along that stretch, not diffcult to find.

We should boycott this shop, they do not deserve to provide bike rental services of sorts along East Coast to members of the public.


Anonymous said...

I had the same experience too, shouted at the guy for being an asshole. Some other shop further down happily let us use the air pump for free.

Collin Ng said...

@ Anonymous, this bike shop has a prime location where many tri-events are organised just next to them and this has probably made them all the more stuck-up. Shin Min Daily did run an article about them after my unpleasant encounter with them. Thumbs down to this shop!

Anonymous said...

The bicycle shop simply sucks. I don't like it as well.