Sunday, May 02, 2010

Run For Humaneity

By sheer turnout, 'Run For Humaneity' does not match Stanchart or Adidas Sundown but its sole purpose quickly triggered me to sign-up when I chanced upon it. 'Run for Humaneity' is an initiative of Mark Philpott, President of Humaneity Group.

This is a fund raising project to support a school for the under-privileged children in Cambodia where runners pledged S$100 each to the coffer. The 10km run was scheduled this morning at Incontro, Riverside Quay.

Arrived at the venue around 0700hrs, met one of the organisers, Amy and Jonathan who also volunteered his service. I did not recognise Jonathan until after the race though he was at the registration counter calling out for me, paiseh!

There were around 50 odd runners and as this was an ang moh initiated run, there were quite a few fit ang moh runners at one glance. The ladies were flagged-off first at 0800hrs and the guys, 5 or 10 minutes later.

At 0800hrs, the weather was alright. The 10km run was to take us along the riverside from Robertson Quay to Esplanade to Boat Quay, a 5km circuit which we must run twice to complete the full 10 km run. The first 5km was fine, thanks to the weather. There were about 20 runners in the male category, and immediately after the flagged-off by Mark, front of the pack already contained 6 ang mohs and 1 Chinese runner with me trailing behind. Admittedly, my first 5km pace was quicker than my usual as I tried to pursue the front pack. I huffed & puffed and managed to pass one ang moh and one Chinese runner before the end of 5km circuit and also, some female runners who were flagged earlier.

The second round was tougher as the weather had by then, began to show its true form. I decided to slow my pace and maintained my 5th position. While gliding through, no one overtook me, phew!. The organisers and their team of volunteers were marvellous, they were cheering us along. As I dashed past the finishing line, they were there to make sure everyone of us hit the finishing tape in championship style and indeed, everyone is a winner.

The run aside, it is nice to be introduced to Mike, Teck Leong and Andy at the event. We were already discussing about meeting up for cycling and run. We exchanged our cards, to fix up for run and cycling in future and I certainly look forward to rough it out with these guys.

Thumbs up for this run, I truly enjoyed it.

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