Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shut Up, Jackie Chan

One wonders, "Does a movie star has it to be a good politician if he does harbour one or is it fame has gotten the better of him of late?" This one, of course refers to the famed movie action star, Jackie Chan who seems to have stepped out of his own boundary; something he has worked so hard and have done so well for so long but to venture beyond, it is certainly not his cup of tea.

His recent remarks suggesting the Chinese in Hongkong and Taiwan need to be controlled may have pleased the leaders in mainland China but certainly, have not gone down well in Hongkong and Taiwan. He has probably done his own simple calulation, even a 3-year old can add up...making 1.3 billion people in China happy is worth everything for adding up Hongkong and Taiwan population is less than 2% of the entire population. Well, his next movie will be another big hit in China but for sure, a big flop outside. I will boycott all his movies from now on, till he apologises...sigh.

To top it off, he went on to hit Singaporeans for the lack of social grace as if he has aplenty. Or because he has agreed to donate part of his prized collection to Singapore, he feels Singapore is 'indebted' to him for his generosity. Hell with you Jackie, if you are not able to talk with grace with your all offending remarks of late, please shut your big mouth for good. Flex your ageing muscle or spin a somersault or two, just do the things you do well but please, the next time you talk, talk with some 'cow' sense.

Your political masters need someone with utmost tact and diplomacy, fame alone is not enough to lend you a plum post in Beijing after your retirement which is not very far away either.

Your social grace needs to be checked, Jackie!

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