Sunday, December 02, 2007

Finishing The Race

My last marathon run was some 30 years ago, I was then 15 competing in the 3rd quarter marathon race and the distance was more than 30 kms then. I have never liked very long distance, prefer to cover shorter than 5 kms at best.

We were encouraged to participate by our young & demure CEO and to compete as a corporate team, if at all . However, we fell short of the minimum requirements of 25, only 21 staff including yours truly enrolled in the run. For the first time since my last, I participated this year Standard Chartered Marathon but only opted 10 kms (the shortest distance), the other being 20 kms and the full marathon @ 42 kms. Never been exercising for more than 10 years, I started some form of training in the early part of this year. Even on the treadmill, I have never covered more than 3 km each time as I really dread long distance run.

I woke up early for the run this morning, @ 0530 hrs to be exact. Putting on my running gears, I was already @ Aljunied MRT station by 0600 hrs for the 1st train to take me to Raffles Station. Saw some runners in the same blue attire with their number tags on the train, I simply followed them to the reporting station.

Told myself to bring bare minimum, I did not bring my handphone, only house keys, S$10, MRT card & my I/C and therefore, I could not contact any of my colleagues to meet @ one designated place.

The 10 km race was slotted @ 0715 hours, I made my way to as front as possible (kiasu, I suppose). The announcer was cheerful throughout, giving encouragements to us before the start of the race. Finally, we were flagged off. I was running my pace and surprising to myself, I can still maintain the same pace for more than 5 kms. I found I was among the frontrunners, overtaking quite many runners along the way. My pace slowed after some 7 kms, my mind kept telling to walk but I managed to overcome that. I kept running at albeit slower pace coz walking only disrupts one's momentum and it will be difficult to resume the pace I wanted. My mind kept telling me not to stop, complete the race is key.

The last km was tough though, I was not too far away from Padang, the ending point. I had wanted to open up my strides in the last leg but I couldn't. Finally, I was very near the ending point and when I dashed past, I raise my hands in victory. I had covered under 1 hours 3 mins, not bad for an old man for I had beaten many younger men in the process. My target was under 1 hour though but this timing was good enough for me. There's always next year to come under 1 hour but I should be better prepared the next time around.

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