Saturday, October 01, 2005

Heard so much about blog from youngsters but for an IT idiot like me, it is one giant step forward to attempt my own blog. At least, I tried and it is up and running now. I name this blog, TOCK KONG (in hokkien, it means one of its kind only).

Thinking age, wisdom and working experiences were just right for me to venture on my own then but alas, no one (not even GOD) could predict 9/11 followed by Iraqi War, SARS, bird flu, tsunami and the list will go on and on...! It was really bad timing for me when I setup a new travel company in Oct 2001 almost immediately after 9/11 (what chance do I have when planning was already ongoing before 9/11) and some months later, setup another company to handle sales and operations for an upstart regional carrier in Singapore. Infact from onset, things were going right for me and friends & business associates were looking up at me but when the outbreak of SARS hit us without warning, it was downhill on the way to the demise of my businesses. Hit hard were those service related companies then especially the travel agents, hotels and airlines.

So much for my brief spell in entrepreneurship (if it was successful, it will be another story) and armed with a broken dream, I decided to find a job to make ends meet. Mind you, I finally realised jobs are NOT a plenty (if an economy is doing well, the number of jobs available in the market is a good indication) and when one hits 40s, it is lagi harder. I thought I should stand a better chance if I were to try a sales job with a hotel as most of my working experiences are service related but I was proven wrong time and again.

Chanced upon an ad, I then applied for a SALES EXECUTIVE job with a 3-star hotel in Orchard Road and I thought to myself I should get the job, heck NO...I did not get it in the end. Funny part is, just few days after the interview, the same ad appeared and not long later, it re-appeared and on numerous occasions too. I should know because I scrutinised the job classified sector from 1st page to last page and vice-versa everyday. I was really desperate for a job then......just any job as long I do not have to rob, steal or cheat any poor soul.

Life for me is a full circle, I've made to believe now. After some 4 years later, I am finally re-employed by my previous company and I count myself lucky that at least I am still wanted. Presently, I enjoy working and giving my 2-ct worth, at least it makes me focus on one thing instead of letting my mind running astray.


Ann said...

Hi Collin, great blog, interesting and meaningful activities. Happy running/doing!

Collin Ng said...

Hi Ann

thanks for your encouragement...cheers!